I love the idea of bringing the garden into the kitchen. I will definitely try to incorporate in a design for someone in the future . 🙂


It all begins now…..

2013….well what’s year it is going to be!

I have been thinking of starting documenting my ideas, inspiration, influences, loves for some time now… So here it is!

I love checking out interiors, styling, design, building and architecture.

I suppose you could say that I have grown up with building ‘in my blood’. I’ve worked in my family owned and run business from over 22 yrs, I have gained a multitude of knowledge from working with builders, big and small, tradesman and building suppliers on a daily basis.

I feel more comfortable shopping for kitchen & bathroom fittings, lights & tiles rather than clothes 🙂 !

With a background in business & marketing & and now studying design I am very happy! Watch this space….Life is now!